Below is the Wisconsin Comic Convention exhibit hall map and exhibitor/artist alley list. Celebrities, comic books, magazines, toys, games, artwork, apparel, and more–you’ll find it all in the exhibit hall!
If you would like to be an exhibitor/artist at the convention, please CLICK HERE.
Exhibit Hall map
Guest Creator Name Booth/Table #
Andy Smith G21
Arthur Suydam 513
Bob Camp G13
Bob Camp G14
Bob Hall G8
Buzz G18
Buzz G19
Carole Barrowman G26
Casey Jones G22
Claudia Gray 145
Clayton Crain G11
Dave DeVries G12
Gerry Conway G7
Greg Horn G1
Greg Horn G29
Greg Horn G30
James Martin G10
Jeff Johnson G25
Jody Lynn Nye 145
Joel Adams G16
Joel Adams G17
John Jackson Miller 145
Mandy Jurgens G9
Mark Badger G5
Michael Golden G3
Michael Golden G4
Michael Stackpole 145
Neal Adams 613
Pat Broderick G15
Renee Witterstaetter G2
Scott Kolins G24
Tim Jacobus G23
William Stout G6
Zach Howard G20
Exhibitor/Artist Name Booth/Table #
@indiglogirl 939
734designs 202
Aaron Lambert Art 1033
Adam’s Action Figures & Comics 401
Adam’s Action Figures & Comics 403
Adam’s Action Figures & Comics 500
Adam’s Action Figures & Comics 502
Aerosoul Studio E8
Agents of Slabs CGC 713
Ailisi Suli Art B1
Alexandra’s SteamPunk Emporium 206
Alexandra’s SteamPunk Emporium 208
Alien Entertainment Store/Logan Arch 1039
Alien Entertainment Store/Logan Arch 1138
Andrew Heath Design + Illustration E7
Andrew Taam B19
Angry Parrot Forge E9
Anime Oils D11
Anime Remix LLC 1009
Anime Remix LLC 1108
Arcade Dlx 845
Arcade Dlx 944
Armory Quest 1107
Armory Quest 1109
Art of Al Abbazia 344
Art of David Wong 234
Art of Josh C. Lyman D14
Art of Othell C15
Arthur Suydam – The Zombie King 513
Arthur Suydam – The Zombie King 515
Arthur Suydam – The Zombie King 612
Arthur Suydam – The Zombie King 614
Artofprice B6
Artwork by Sydney E3
Ashley Esper B15
Babirousa A14
Baby Rabiez 1238
Backwood Press 1038
Bad Aura Media LLC 214
Bard’s Tower 145
Bard’s Tower 147
Bard’s Tower 244
Bard’s Tower 246
Beckett Authentication Services 1222
Beckett Authentication Services 1224
Benitez Productions 538
Bethany Hohman A11
Big J Toys 309
Big World 814
Bill Pulkovski F12
Binary 1240
Biscake Art C14
Blacky Cat Creations 303
Blake Brady Artwork B16
Bob Q! E1
Bob The Artist 218
Brok’n Rhy’tm Studios A1
Bureau of Print Research and Design 715
Camron Johnson B11
Cardz Xtcetera 1123
Cardz Xtcetera 1125
CBCS 745
CBCS 844
Chicago Costume 1015
Chicago Costume 1114
Chief Book Sales: featuring Diane Anthony A3
Christine Chang illustration E10
Collectible Empire, LLC 200
Collectors Rebellion 209
Collectors Rebellion 308
Comic Interlude Inc 707
Comic Interlude Inc 806
Comic Wreck 1133
Comic Wreck 1135
Comic*Pop Collectibles 603
Comic*Pop Collectibles 702
Conpacks Studios Presents Ruby Art 1132
Corgi Press A9
Corinne Roberts Illustration, LLC C8
Cory Smith Art 1113
Cory Smith Art 1115
Crane’s Post, Inc. 1206
Crane’s Post, Inc. 1208
Cross Country Collectibles 1041
Crummy Comics F11
Curtis Jones 415
Cyanineblue Studios C21
D Whitaker Ink 739
D4C4S B14
Daab Creative F16
Dad Toys 133
Dale Lazarov / Sticky Graphic Novels A10
Dan’s Toys 207
Dan’s Toys 306
Dave & Adam’s 501
Dave & Adam’s 503
Dave & Adam’s 600
Dave & Adam’s 602
Deals on Deals Collectables 239
Deals on Deals Collectables 338
Diligent Visual (The Art of Rich Kunz) 838
Dragon Alley Jewelry 444
Duck Family Farms 938
Epyon5 / Katrina Catizone 915
Erick Gutierrez C18
ESE Supplies 1234
ESE Supplies 1236
Fantastical Menagerie 839
Fantasy Authors Ben Wolf and Charis Crowe E11
First Aid Comics 701
First Aid Comics 703
First Aid Comics 800
First Aid Comics 802
Formula350 Collectibles 901
Formula350 Collectibles 903
Formula350 Collectibles 1000
Fuzzy Fish Collectibles 1045
Fuzzy Fish Collectibles 1144
Geek Toy Hut 812
Geeky Endeavors 212
Geeky Experience 407
Geeky Experience 506
Gem City Books 601
Gem City Books 700
Ghoulish Bunny Studios 220
Grand Rapids Comic-Con 414
Granite City Comics 507
Granite City Comics 509
Granite City Comics 606
Granite City Comics 608
Graveworld B13
Grim Comics and Games LLC 413
Guerrilla Publishing D13
Hallopino C4
Harebrained Design 909
Harlequin Collectables 409
Harlequin Collectables 508
HBstudios 232
Henry Cesneros 307
Hidden Myth Designs B2
Highlander Novelties 639
Highlander Novelties 738
Hollywood Joe’s Memorabilia 1119
Hollywood Joe’s Memorabilia 1218
Hollywood Joe’s Memorabilia 1220
Hometown Comics & Games 907
Hometown Comics & Games 1006
IcyPanther’s Art Shop D8
Imminent Designs B12
In A Pickle Comics 709
In A Pickle Comics 808
Infernoworks Art Images A4
Inspired Ink Studio 539
J.R. Mounts 412
Jabb_arts D7
Jalapeno Ghost Illustration B3
Jamie Primack B20
Jamie Tyndall Inc. 638
JAR of Comics C3
Jason Westlake Illustration & Design C11
Javier Avila B7
Jed Thomas B5
Jeremiah Lambert Art C7
Jesse Rubenfeld illustrations F15
Jewell Art C20
JMD Toy Store 803
JMD Toy Store 902
John Marroquin C17
Johnny Golden Art E4
Jproillustration B10
Jrtoysandgames 941
Jrtoysandgames 1040
Justin Castaneda D6
Kelsey Rushing Art D9
Kenneth Gachewicz 809
Kowabunga Comics 445
Kowabunga Comics 544
Kurt Zauer B17
Lacroix Grimoire A12
Literary Alterations 1244
Literary Alterations 1246
Lyns / This is Steggy 640
Marcelo Biott Art C13
Megan Mackie Author B9
Mess Bucket Comics C16
Michael Calero Art 339
Miniworld Entertainment 1013
Miniworld Entertainment 1112
MireielleART A6
Mirkywood Emporium 238
MissChibiArtist B21
Moon Bat Studios B18
Most Wanted Comics 607
Most Wanted Comics 609
Most Wanted Comics 706
Most Wanted Comics 708
Mr Bill’s Toyshoppe 914
Musetap Studios 813
MWM Art Studios C12
My Geekery 1214
Mystik Waboose 406
Nate Jones Design 314
Nate Michaels Art 439
National Mars Day 1134
Neal Adams 613
Neal Adams 615
Neal Adams 712
Neal Adams 714
needless toys and collectibles 1145
Onrie Kompan Productions, LLC F13
Outer Rim Toys 345
Patrick Trahey D10
Paul Axel D2
Pendragon Costumes 1140
Phase *ID 1139
Phase *ID 1141
Plushzilla 1120
PM Press D1
Powers Comics 807
Powers Comics 906
PrimaryColours Retro Relics 815
Punch It! Graphics 312
Purple Plum Inc. 119
Purple Plum Inc. 121
Ramel Hill D3
Ranelynn Graphics 1102
RebkaDraws and Kimikococo E6
Reel Art Collectibles 139
ReMIND Magazine 1121
Robert Camacho Jr. Art/Illustration C19
Rojo Art B22
Senior Living Web Series A7
Sew Geek Girl B4
Shiny Creations E5
SKG Retrogaming LLC 109
Something from Nothing D12
Source Point Press 313
Space Gallery Online 103
Star Cross Comics D4
Starship Cat 1001
Starship Cat 1003
Starship Cat 1100
Steph Stanga Illustration B8
STL Brick Fanatics 841
STL Brick Fanatics 940
Studio de Sade 315
Sun Bros Studios D5
Super cosplay 201
Super Cosplay 300
Super Cosplay 302
Swansong Art E2
TeeMinus24.com 107
TeeTurtle 1002
Tephramiriam Publishing 1035
Terry Huddleston ART 913
Terry Huddleston ART 1012
TG Comics 512 1021
The Art of Bryan Vreeland 215
The Art of Dominic Glover 213
The Art of Sir C1
The Art Of Tony Miello C6
The Black Bazaar 203
The Chalk Girl 801
The Chalk Girl 900
The Hazwoper A5
The Jay Company inc 113
The Jay Company inc 115
The Silver Necklace/GabbysStuff.com 1212
The Toy Bomb 912
Thompson Productions L.L.C. 908
Time Warp Collectibles 512
Timothy Zulewski C2
Tom Bacon C22
Tony Santiago Art 1019
Tony Santiago Art 1118
Topher Kearby C5
Total Party Kill Games 408
Toynk Toys 1101
Toynk Toys 1103
Toynk Toys 1200
Toynk Toys 1202
Toys Of Our Lives 514
Twisted Wire Art F14
Ukiyo-pop 438
Unshaven Comics A2
Unstable Unicorns 101
Valentine Toybox 946
Videguy Collectibles 1007
Videguy Collectibles 1106
We Are All Corrupted C10
Wicked Graffixx A13
William Schlichter – Authors C9
Wizyakuza 1014
World of Strange 135
Zac Atkinson A8

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